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Used Trucks and Used Truck Trailers - A Buyer's Guide

Buying a used truck or used truck trailer has many advantages. The most obvious of these is cost-effectiveness though there are also environmental benefits in re-using a vehicle rather than buying a new one. To ensure peace-of-mind when making such an important and substantial purchase, there are a number of checks that should be carried out.

The first thing is to check out the seller of the used truck or used truck trailer. Ensuring their address is correct and that this is their actual place of business is essential and should exactly match the address on the V5 registration document. This vital document should also contain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which should match the number on the vehicle itself. The unique VIN can be used to check if the vehicle has previously suffered any damage.

A visual inspection of the truck or trailer should then be carried out. Check thoroughly for damage, excessive wear and tear or any obvious signs of alteration. Used vehicles will obviously show signs of wear but these should be closely examined to see if the damage is serious. Any reputable used truck dealer will happily wait for this inspection to be carried out and will gladly assist and advise.

Test-driving the truck is the next step. Again, any legitimate dealer will be happy to arrange this and any dealer who hesitates or refuses should be disregarded. During the test-drive, it is important to be free of distractions so that engine sound, movement and handling can all be closely scrutinised. Checking the exhaust-smoke is the final stage in this vital inspection process. If, after all these checks are completed, there is still doubt, the purchase should not be made.

Trucks2Go provide an extensive range of used trucks and used truck trailers for sale in the UK. Our highly-regarded company offer no-obligation advice and support on every aspect of the used truck market, which continues to enjoy rapid growth. We supply leading brands such as Volvo used trucks, Erf used trucks, Mercedes-Benz used trucks and the always-popular DAF used trucks.

We invite you to visit us and see our business in Warrington, Cheshire. Our full address is available on the website and our professional and experienced customer service team will gladly offer advice, support, information and assistance via telephone or email.

For more information then please call us today on +44(0)1925 766527 or email

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