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John Deere - 175 Years of Innovation

The John Deere brand of vehicles is internationally recognised. Providing a wide range of tractors, harvesters, balers, planters, UTVs, crop sprayers and other agricultural vehicles, the company has a reputation for engineering of the highest quality.

John Deere was an American inventor and blacksmith who, in 1837, created a plough from polished steel that would quickly and easily cut clean furrows into tough prairie soil. The invention was an instant success; in 1839 he built 10 ploughs but only two years later had orders to build over 100. With the profits of his success, Deere continued to develop further agricultural tools, notably gang ploughs that were pulled by steam tractors in the great 'Steam Age' of c.1880-1910. Steam tractors were gradually replaced by petrol-powered models and the Deere company continued to grow and develop into the giant, multi-national corporation that it is today. The company continues to practice the core values of a dedication to quality and the embracing of new technology.

Trucks2Go currently have a fantastic example of John Deere vehicle technology available to buy. The 2008 08 JOHN DEERE 6630 PREMIUM features full front-axle suspension (TLS) and cab suspension (HCS) and is rendered in an attractive green. With only 1500 hours previous usage by a single farmer, the vehicle is in immaculate condition and features a heated air suspended seat and full air conditioning. The 6630 Premium is ideal for a multitude of agricultural applications and carries the same guarantee of quality as the entire range of used truck and used truck trailers available from Trucks2Go.

For more information on any of our used truck trailers and used trucks for sale in the UK, please contact our dedicated team personally on +44(0)1925 766527 or by email

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