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The well-known truck manufacturers DAF have been established since 1928, when Dutchman Hubert van Doorne founded the company after repairing the car of a brewery manager several times. Brewery manager Huenges was so impressed with Doorne's work that he financed him to start up a small business, repairing vehicles on the brewery grounds. In 1932, van Doorne's brother Wim joined the company and its name was changed to Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (Van Doorne's Trailer Factory), which was abbreviated to DAF.

The Second World War led to a great scarcity of luxury trucks and cars. This created a big opportunity for DAF, who in 1949 began to manufacture trailers, buses and trucks. 1954 saw Hubert van Doorne begin to use a belt-driven system in his vehicles after taking the belt-drive idea from the many machines used in his factories. The system proved very popular and successful; 4000 cars using the innovative system were quickly ordered by an excited public.

DAF trucks went on to become perhaps the best-known truck company in the world, winning many awards, such as International Truck of the Year, a number of times. The brand quickly became synonymous with high-quality, reliability and safety. In 2011, the company manufactured an estimated 51,800 trucks on its three European sites.

Trucks2Go currently have a selection of used DAF trucks in the 'Featured Products' section of our website. One of these is the DAF CF85-310 6X2 26 tonne day cab which comes fitted with an impressive 26ft curtainised body. Ideal for an array of haulage applications, this fantastic vehicle is incredibly versatile. Also featured is the DAF CF85 380 6X2 rear-lift day cab carrier supra with refrigerated body, perfect for carrying perishables and other items requiring refrigeration. For lifting and manoeuvring heavy items, the 2008 DAF LF55/250 sleeper cab fitted with 18ft alloy dropside body is a fantastically strong vehicle, featuring a rear-mounted Palfinger remote control crane with a strong brick grab attachment.

As with all of our used trucks and used truck trailers, these DAF models are guaranteed to exceed all expectations and provide many years of hassle-free service, as all of the used trucks for sale on our website are thoroughly checked before undergoing a complete servicing to make them as good as new. For more information on these used DAF trucks or any of our other vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated customer service team.

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