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Quick Guide for Used Truck Purchasing

When purchasing a used truck where do you even begin? There are so many models on the market with varying features and priced very differently so how do you know which used truck to purchase for your specific needs and requirements?

How to purchase a used truck?

Firstly you need to carry out some research and locate used trucks which are similar to what you think you require. Next you need to speak to the company or person who owns the used truck for sale and ask them for extra information or extra photos showing the used truck. When asking for information you need to get the most relevant items such as the MOT and Mileage amongst other valuable information.

Ask them at this point what the asking price is for the used truck and what exactly is included within this price. Ensure you have this in writing what is included and then you will not get caught out later. Once you have rung around a few places then create a shortlist of favourites and go and visit. If on arrival something isnít right then walk away. Do not be pressured into a sale and ensure that once you find one you then have the correct finances in place.

When you have a used truck, you know its condition, the asking price and exactly what is included and are happy then arrange a day when you can view the truck once more and then test drive the truck.

If everything is still fine and all the mechanics and appearance of the used truck are okay then you can leave a deposit with the company for the vehicle. Once this has been done then providing you stick to your end of the finance agreement you will leave the forecourt with a used truck which is perfect for your needs and requirements. just ensure that prior to purchasing you have carried out the necessary research.

Trucks 2 Go Ltd have been extremely busy with the supplying of our used trucks to a number of businesses and into a number of industry sectors. If you have a requirement for a used truck then make sure you come to us. We will take the time to sit down with you and work out exactly what your requirements are and how we can fulfil these. We can work with any budget to find the best used truck possible.

For more information then please contact us on 01925 766527 or email  

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