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What are the Benefits of Purchasing a Used Truck?

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When the time comes for a company to purchase a fleet of vehicles or a single vehicle to fulfil their transportation requirements the decision process often falls to whether or not to purchase a new truck or a used truck. Many are unsure about whether or not to purchase a used truck and so Trucks 2 Go Ltd are here to outline the benefits.

Obviously budget for many companies is going to be key within the current economic climate. Companies are tightening their belts and most cannot afford to fork out thousands on a brand new, shiny truck! Trucks 2 Go has seen a rise in the number of used trucks being sold recently. Our strong and credible reputation has put us right at the centre of the used truck industry and thus we know what quality our customers expect.

In regards to the benefits of purchasing a used truck, pricing as mentioned above is important. The price of a used truck is significantly different to that of its equivalent brand new one; the recession has hit businesses hard and it is cheaper prices which prove to be more beneficial when you take into consideration maintenance costs and also general costs such as petrol and road tax which is required to keep them on the road.

When you purchase a brand new truck they always say that the moment you drive it off the forecourt you lose thousands of pounds in value and this is somewhat true. However in direct contrast a used truck has a lower depreciation cost. After just 6 months owners of a new truck suffer huge losses and with the current state of the economy businesses cannot afford to throw away money and make losses. Used trucks obviously suffer depreciation but because their starting price is lower the total loss is considerably less.

Branding is important when thinking about purchasing a truck whether it is new or used. Many brands have stronger brand advocacy and are well known for being more reliable and more durable when compared against other brands within the industry. Obviously prices of trucks vary between brands and with many used trucks the top brands can be purchased for a specific budget price which if bought new would be completely out of the question.

Just to summarise you can benefit from the following if you purchase a used truck over a new truck:

  • Cheaper Starting Prices
  • Lower Depreciation Costs
  • Top Brands Become More Affordable and Obtainable

Trucks 2 Go Ltd has over seventeen years experience and knowledge within the used truck and commercial vehicle industry. With such experience and knowledge it has meant we have been able to position ourselves within the used truck market and so we can bring our customerís extremely high quality used trucks for exceptional prices.

We do not just supply our used trucks to the UK; we have a large number of used trucks which we actually export through worldwide export markets. Our friendly team at Trucks 2 Go will be with you every step of the way from working out exactly what it is you require to sourcing you various options which are suitable from our stock to then discussing various financial options available to you.

If we do not have a suitable used truck in stock which would satisfy your requirements then we can help you to source one which will also fit your budget. Why not come and meet our team today to discuss your used truck requirements.

For more information please call us on 01925 766527 or email

19th March 2012, 15:44
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