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Five Tips for Choosing a Used Truck


For whatever reason it may be you have found yourself in the position of looking to purchase a used truck. Whether it is business expansion or a new business you have set up which requires a used truck Trucks 2 Go Ltd are here to give you some top tips about choosing a used truck.

Tip number 1: Identify, Identify, Identify!

What you need to bear in mind is that all businesses are unique and they all have different requirements for certain items. The same will be the case with any business looking to purchase a used truck; your requirements will be different to those of another business. You need to go to a used truck dealer and know the specific requirements that you need. Our advice is to write a list of items which are must have and then add a list of desirables on too. These are things which won’t be exactly necessary but it would be nice to have.

Tip number 2: How many miles?

Mileage is going to play huge part in the selection of your used truck; obviously with it being used then you are going to have mileage on the clock however you need a set figure in your head which you are not going to go above. You need to stick to this figure when choosing your used truck; usually mileage will be reflected in the price and it is important that you note the higher the mileage the more it affects the reliability and overall performance of the vehicle. Do not be cajoled into purchasing a truck with higher mileage than what you planned because of a pushy salesman.

Tip number 3: Appearances are important

You may have been told that appearances are not everything however in regards to a used truck appearances do need to be considered. If you take a look at the outside of the vehicle and it is scratched, bumped, dinted and appears to have welding in places it shouldn’t or any unusual wear or tear then walk away from it. The exterior and the interior needs to be presentable and in most cases the appearance of the truck now will symbolise its treatment in the past.

Tip number 4: Fuel Consumption

It is a well known fact that fuel prices are on the increase at the moment and there is no hint of this changing anytime soon. If you are using a used truck for business which is going to be travelling a lot of miles it does make sense you do your homework and identify trucks which have been labelled as being energy efficient. By finding a truck which is energy efficient then you will lower your fuel consumption overall and on a yearly basis this overall could save you substantial amounts of money.

Tip number 5: Find a Quality Supplier

Finding a quality supplier is a major thing that you need to do but how do you locate one and what do you look for? There are a full range of used truck dealers and companies who are selling trucks whether you find them in the yellow pages, online or through an offline publication like a magazine or newspaper. The way in which some companies will work is to entice customers in with ridiculously low prices however these prices will be reflected in the trucks appearance, mechanical status and also its performance.

Trucks 2 Go Ltd offers the highest quality used trucks available on the current market and we offer this high quality at a competitive price. We take the time to sit down with our customers, understand their business and their requirements before we even start to make any suggestions about what trucks would be suited for their needs. Trucks 2 Go Ltd only wants to sell trucks to a company or business when we know it is going to be right for them and meet their specification.

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