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What is an ATV?


You may have noticed that at Trucks 2 Go Ltd we have a number of ATVís and Accessories now available from well known brand FARR. What is an ATV though and why would anyone want one?

In actual fact ATV stands for all terrain vehicles and it is a motorised vehicle designed to travel on four low pressure tyres on unpaved surfaces. Manufacturers such as FARR ATVís usually categorise them into two types of design to make it easier to establish what it is a potential customer will require.

  • Type 1 ATV is intended for use by a single operator and no passenger
  • Type 2 ATV is intended for use by a single operator and a passenger

They are used widely ATVs are used for everything from racing and recreational riding to hunting, farming, hauling, ploughing snow and even cutting the grass! A rider of an ATV will sit upright on the vehicle and it operates similarly to a motorcycle but with added stability because of the four wheels. They are ideal because they are small in size but extremely powerful and thus they are used for a wide range of applications.

Originally they were around in the 1970ís and were designed with just three wheels and a low power engine for recreational travel. When technology developed and the engines became more powerful but the three wheels made it hard to control at the higher speed and then in the late 1980ís four wheel models were introduced and the three wheel models ceased production.

It was the four wheel design which made the ATV as popular as it is today. Now there is such a wide selection available in a full range of sizes, shapes, designs and colours as well as having various options from two wheel drive to four wheel drive and single or multiple passengers.

Trucks 2 Go Ltd is the FARR 4x 4 authorised dealers for Lancashire and Cheshire. Offering the ATVís at extremely competitive prices and supplying them with 12 months manufacturerís warranty as well as also having a full range of accessories available for them.

For more information about our ATVís then please contact us today on 01925 766527 or email

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