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Top Tips For Truck Purchasing

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With the economic status extremely unbalanced many companies are watching what they spend and this year we have seen a rise in the number of businesses who had had to choose to purchase a used truck over a brand new truck.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this; many used trucks are of extremely high quality. It goes without saying that you should always check and test drive the used truck before purchase. Important documents such as registration documents should be looked over carefully. Trucks 2 Go Ltd are regularly approached by company’s who require not just one used truck but a number of used trucks in order to make up a fleet of vehicles. To purchase a fleet of brand new trucks proves too expensive and so we have to help them find a number of suitable used trucks which will meet their specific requirements.

As we are a professional supplier and one of the fastest growing within the UK market we wanted to provide our customers and those looking to purchase a used truck with our top tips so that they can reduce the risk of purchasing a truck which has been stolen, is unreliable and worse still has been damaged.

You must check:

  • The Vendor

When checking this you need to take their company name, their address and then visit them to ensure this is where they are actually doing their business from. Also when you take a look at your used truck Registration Document (V5) ensure that the address is the same on this.

Trucks 2 Go Ltd
365 Warrington Road

  • Vehicle Identification Number

A major item the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be checked. This is a simple mistake which many people make and end up falling victim too. The VIN must match the number which is printed on the Registration Document (V5). If it doesn’t match up then you have a problem and should avoid purchasing this truck.

Once you have the VIN number you can check it against a system to see if any damage has occurred to the vehicle and this is a great way of ensuring the used truck you purchase has not been damaged and it has been covered up. This brings us onto our next top tip.

  • Potential Wreck Damage

Please can you check for potential wreck damage; you need to look at the body of the vehicle and the engine as well as other mechanical components. You need to be looking for any signs of alterations, dints, bumps, welding out of place. A good way to see is to check the general condition of the vehicle before you get too involved with it. If the outside is a wreck you do not need us to tell you it’s probably not going to be the best option.

  • Test Drive

This is perhaps the most important part and yet so many drivers get it wrong. When test driving the vehicle what you need to do is not play the radio listening to your favourite songs! For the next half hour or however long you test drive the truck for your favourite “song” will be the sound of the engine. Does it sound groggy? You need to take note a healthy sounding engine is a healthy truck.

Next when driving the used truck you need to note every single movement of the truck, what does it feel like? What noises is it making – if any? Get someone to check the exhaust smoke and really take care to note the driving experience. Now once the drive has been done can you please check the windscreen wipers, lights, radio, additional components. If at any point you have doubts about something; walk away!

Come to Trucks 2 Go Ltd for your used truck or a full fleet of used trucks! We can help you every single step of the way and find you a used truck which is reliable, high quality and will meet your specifications. Already we have placed a number of used trucks with businesses who required them and have been exceptionally pleased with our service.

For more information then please contact us on 01925 766527 or email

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