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Mercedes-Benz - Pioneers of Engineering

Mercedes-Benz is the world's oldest brand of vehicle that still exists today. Their distinctive three-pointed star enclosed within a circle is one of the most-recognised car manufacturer logos in the world and the company has introduced a number of safety and technological innovations which are now a standard part of most road vehicles.

The Benz Patent Motorwagon was the world's first car to be powered by petrol and was patented in January 1886 by Karl Benz. Later in that year, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach converted a stagecoach by adding a petrol engine. Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft first marketed the Mercedes automobile in 1901 and the first Mercedes-Benz vehicles followed in 1926 after the successful merger of Benz's and Daimler's companies. Since that time, the brand has continued to grow in popularity and modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles are synonymous with high-quality, reliable and luxurious vehicles.

Trucks2Go have recently acquired a truly stunning Mercedes-Benz vehicle which is now available for sale. The 2006 Axor 2528 day cab 6 x 2 chassis is fitted with a curtain-sided body, glass rack, sliding roof and Moffat kit to the rear. Attractively finished in blue and white, this versatile vehicle carries the same guarantee of quality as all of our used trucks for sale.

The LEZ (Low Emission Zone) scheme was announced by the Mayor of London and was introduced in phases across Greater London from February 2008 through January 2012 after it was noted that the city's levels of air pollution were among the worst throughout Europe. The LEZ is the largest zone of its kind in the world and seeks to reduce the emission of pollutants from trucks, vans, coaches, buses and other vehicles that operate using diesel. As a fully LEZ-compliant vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz Axor 2528 is ideal for use in this zone.

Trucks2Go have seen a sharp increase in used truck sales. We endeavour to provide professional, convenient and cost-effective solutions for a myriad of transport requirements and continue to supply high-quality used trucks and used truck trailers to a diverse market. For more information on our range of vehicles, including used Volvo trucks, used DAF trucks and Farr vehicles, please browse our extensive website or contact a member of our experienced team.

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