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Fuel Prices too High for UK Drivers

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In regards to transport news a study has found that many drivers within the UK are becoming increasingly worried about the rising costs of motoring. The British Car Auctions (BCA) has carried out research which has brought up some scary statistics which could be affecting used truck drivers too!

Fuel at the pump is on the increase in price and as motorists look around for nearby cheaper petrol stations in order to get the best deal it has been found that a quarter of respondents would have to change their driving pattern if the fuel prices went up to 1.40 per litre.

Further to this the research found that if petrol prices were to increase then they would have to take a look at their choice of vehicle; 22% would change their vehicle. If petrol prices went to 1.50 a litre then 10% would alter their driving habits.

Motorists in the UK already have safeguard plans to help themselves through the rising prices of fuel should this occur. The way to go about it is to purchase a vehicle which has better fuel consumption whether this is a car or a used truck.

The UKs motoring strategy is supposed to be in place to discuss topics such as rising fuel costs and from the motorists who were questioned it was revealed that 39% of them would reduce fuel duty whilst 22% would try and work to establish a national fuel price.

A further survey which was carried out at the beginning of this month by well-known group Motorpoint revealed that 80% of road users are reducing the journeys they make because of the high price of petrol.

For a company or business which requires transport solutions such as their fleet of used trucks then they cannot cut down on journeys say delivering products and services to customers. Instead they are going to have to look into other ways of saving costs such as training their drivers to drive in an efficient manner and maybe even looking into some used trucks with better fuel consumption.

If you are looking for a used truck with good fuel consumption then come to Trucks 2 Go Ltd. We can find you a used truck which is specific to your requirements whilst remaining in your budget.

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4th April 2012, 11:25
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Page updated 4th Apr 2012, 11:25
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