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Criteria for Selection of a Used Truck

A worthwhile investment for many businesses, used trucks are an item which many are choosing to invest in. However, when thinking over purchasing a used truck it is important to bear in mind the main reasons as to why you require the truck, what it will be used for as well as a rough estimate of your budget.

Drawing up a list of criteria which your used truck will need to possess is perhaps the easiest way for a supplier of used trucks such as Trucks2Go to effectively source the best truck for your personal requirements for the budget allocated.

From this list of criteria two main points can be made:

  • You will narrow down your search for a truck making the whole process easier, less time consuming and less stress free because it is focused.
  • You will walk away from the supplier with a truck you know you can afford and one which will meet the requirements your business needs.

Once you have worked out the role your used truck will take you need to look at the truck itself in regards to two items:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Mileage

If you are specifically looking for a used truck which is fuel efficient and low in carbon emissions then this decision will help to narrow down your search dramatically and our expert team at Trucks2Go can advise you on this because of our experience within this industry.

The total miles the used truck has travelled must always be taken into careful consideration. This will be dependent upon your budget but you have to be realistic and have an appropriate mileage to work around that you would prefer. You do not need Trucks2Go to tell you that lower mileages come with a higher price tag.

Knowing what type of used truck you require is always a plus however, if you are a company who knows you require a vehicle such as a used truck but you simply do not know where to start then come to Trucks2Go. We can sit down with you and outline the various specifications that we think would be suited to your business needs.

The advice we can offer to you concerning used trucks could prove to be invaluable but more than advice we can then take your used truck specification to source the used truck you require not the used truck you had to settle for!

Take a look at our full range of used trucks today!

With leading brands like DAF used trucks, Iveco used trucks, Erf used trucks, Mercedes Benz used trucks and Volvo used trucks as well as a whole range more to choose from if you still cannot find what you are looking for then we will find it for you!

For more information about quality used trucks contact the professionals on 01925 766527 or email

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