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Checks to Make Before Purchasing a Used Truck


Although the majority of us would of course like to buy a new truck sometimes we cannot afford and so we have to buy a used truck. Cost is perhaps one of the main advantages of buying a used truck over a brand new one. With a new truck you get the advantage of knowing that if fingers crossed nothing should go wrong and if it does a warranty covers it.

With a used truck there is a lot more that could go wrong because it has been used however Trucks 2 Go have the low down on checks which you should make prior to purchasing a used truck.

By following these simple checks through:

Firstly check the vendor of the vehicle, take a note of their address and ensure that this is the actual place that they are doing business from and ensure it is this address on the Registration Document (V5)

Trucks 2 Go can be found at:

365 Warrington Road
Warrington Cheshire

We invite people to come and see us and our business then you will realise just how legitimate we are! Alternatively you can contact us.

The second item you need to check on is the Vehicle Identification Number; this number needs to match the number in the registration document, V5. In addition to finding out this number check to see if there has been any damage occurred to this number on the vehicle.

Thirdly we advise you to check for damage to the vehicle or any tell tale signs of alterations. Obviously they are not going to be perfect in condition so bear this in mind.

If you are completely satisfied with all this then the next thing to do is to book in for a test drive; all legitimate dealers will let you test drive and if they donít then walk away.

When test driving the vehicle keep the radio off and listen to the engine, scrutinise the movement and overall handling of the car and finally check the exhaust smoke.

If you are happy with all these checks then you should speak to the dealer like Trucks 2 Go to discuss finance, payment and hopefully you will enjoy many years ownership of your newly purchased used truck.

The checks may leave doubts in your mind; if this is the case then you should not buy the used truck and look elsewhere. The advice Trucks 2 Go can offer to you concerning used trucks could prove to be invaluable. Take a look at our full range of quality used trucks today!

With leading brands like DAF used trucks, Iveco used trucks, Erf used trucks, Mercedes Benz used trucks and Volvo used trucks as well as a whole range more to choose from if you still cannot find what you are looking for then we will find it for you!

For more information call Trucks 2 Go on 01925 766527 or email

12th October 2011, 15:45
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