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Every single year over one million used trucks are placed on the market, this means that if you are looking to purchase a used truck then you certainly wonít have any problems in finding one which is suitable and within your price range.

Maybe you have found a used truck which has taken your interest, so what do you look out for when you go and take a closer look at it?

Before you actually go to take a look you should do some research into that specific trucks specifications. You donít need us to tell you that some makes and models are a lot better quality than others but the main details you need to be looking for are those which concern the brakes, suspension, radiator, cooling system, engine, gearbox and clutch.

These are perhaps the main and most expensive items which can go wrong and so knowing a little about the specifics of the used truck you are going to look at can help you to understand some of the key terms which a salesman may use.

Mileage is something which will obviously play a key part in the decision of whether to purchase a particular used truck or not. Used trucks are a little bit different to cars, on average a used truck which has more than 12,000 miles per year on it are generally considered to be high mileage vehicles.

Finer details such as finding out what the used truckís role was before it was introduced onto the market can help you to establish the general wear and tear of the vehicle. Whilst we talk about the finer details when you do go and take a look at a used truck make note about the general condition of the used truck exterior.

Any dents, scratches, paint touch ups, rusting or extensive body work can suggest involvement within an accident or crash. Ask for a history of maintenance and for any details regarding work which has been carried out. Are there any new parts on the truck and if so is there any warranty on these?

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind, do not purchase a used truck which has not been subjected to recent inspection.

If you are looking for quality used trucks then make sure you take a look at our full range. Trucks 2 Go Ltd is one of the fastest growing commercial dealerships within the UK. Having had over 20 years of experience our friendly team are able to fulfil whatever your requirement for a used truck.

For more information then please do not hesitate to contact Trucks 2 Go Ltd, call us on 01925 766527 or alternatively you can email us directly.

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