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Driving A Used Truck Requires A Proper License


The most devastating news was reported at an inquest when evidence found that it was common practice for employees of a scaffolding company to move their used trucks around building sites when they were not qualified and didnít hold a HGV License.

Gary Mellor, 20 years old lost his life when the truck was reversed into him causing his liver to rupture. His colleague didnít have a license which would qualify him as competent to drive the HGV and thus when he moved it he did so illegally and backed into his employee who was crushed and suffered the internal injuries which led to his death.

Although the hearing declared accidental death as the result we should use this case as an example to ensure fatalities like this do not occur again. Used trucks are a lot larger in size and therefore require a different type of license in order for a person to be allowed to drive them legally.

Driving without a license has serious consequences, although the process of getting these licences may seem daunting as there are a number of requirements you must meet Trucks 2 Go Ltd have broken these down into five easy steps:


Firstly you must undergo a medical to ensure that you are physically fit enough to be able to drive a truck. You can choose to do this through your own doctor by completing a D4 form although there are other medical centres which could prove cheaper.

Provisional License Application

The next step is to apply for the correct LGV provisional entitlement. You do this using a D2 form and most will apply for a provisional category C. It is vital you get this right as category C is for over 7.5 tonnes; C1 is anything up to 7.5 tonnes and C1 + E is 7.5 tonnes with a truck trailer. When you have this filled out you should post it to the DVLA with the D4 medical form from your Doctor attached.

You now have to wait for your provisional licence to arrive but whilst you wait you can start to study for what is the next step.

Theory Tests

You will need to arrange to book for your theory tests this is Driver CPC, Module 1 and Module 2. All three can be sat at the same day at a test centre.

Module 1 will be broken into two parts. Part 1A is a multiple choice where you need to answer 100 questions and get at least 85 correct to pass and you have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. The test fee for this is £35.00. Part 1B is your hazard Perception where you will be shown 20 hazard clips where you identify hazards. You need to get a score of at least 67 to pass and the test fee is £15.00.

Module 2 will present a case study to you, there will be seven different scenarios with seven questions attached - so 49 in total. You need to answer multiple choice questions. The exam will use diagrams, video clips, text and audio to help explain scenarios in the easiest way possible. You need to get 30 correct to pass and this part costs £30.00.

Once you have completed the theory tests you have your practical.

Practical Driving Test

Normally your course will be five days in duration but this could be more dependent upon your experience and ability. The driving test will last around 1.5 hours and obviously you need to pass this to be able to obtain your license.

Practical Test Associated Knowledge

Taken at a DSA practical test centre you have the option to take this before your practical driving test but you do need a vehicle for this in as you have to demonstrate your answers and explain your understanding about what a truck driver does whilst not driving.

This test will cover items such as ensuring loads are secured, carrying out a pre-use check, dealing with an emergency situation as well as checking the vehicle for illegal immigrants and contraband amongst a whole range of things. It will last around 20-30 minutes and you must have an overall pass of 80% but within each section you have to receive 75%. This  

Test duration 20-30 minutes. The pass mark is 80%, must however get at least 75% in each section. The test fee for this part is £55.00.

Do not take the risk, ensure that you have the correct license and if you are not sure then do not drive the vehicle or even move it even if it is just a little bit! That little bit could cost someone their life! Get the licenses you need!

15th December 2011, 12:42
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