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Horsebox Conversion Feature!


In previous times before the recession began within society, Trucks 2 Go saw a large demand for high specification horseboxes. These demands were usually for the horseboxes that where within the 7.5 tone sector and would build to a very luxurious specification usually costing in the reigion of fourty to fifty thousand pounds! 

Probably towards the back end of 2007 the enquiries for this kind of vehicle fell away fast as the recession hit the UK and hit it hard. Vehicles such a these horseboxes were used largely for the individuals pleasure purposes. Therefore most people have not been in a position to buy such luxury items. We are now seeing a demand starting to filter through again, however peoples budgets seem to be much lower.

With this in mind Trucks 2 go have tried to come up with a lower spec vehicle which falls more in line with what the customer seems to be prepared to pay. What we have now started to do is look around for low mileage box vans around 2002 to 2005 in year, from here the vehicle is converted to carry 3 horses. If the vehicle already has a tail lift we will use the existing tail lift motor to power the rear door to keep cost down, the body is fitted with the usual side skirts and lockers including a tack locker.

The front half of the truck is fitted with the usual interior lights and piped for heating, the walls and ceiling are covered and at this point we stop with the conversion. This way we allow our customers to spec the truck from here down to every last detail as some people simply want a place to change and shelter from the weather, which means we can keep the costs very low. However if the customer wants all of the trimmings such as shower, w/c, sleeping and cooking facilities with full TV and camera’s to the horse area, this of course can also be done.

We even leave the paint and decals choice to the customer as painting the vehicle in a flat single colour rather than metallic which can ultimately save up to one thousand pounds on the total price! By working in this way we can supply a 3 horse vehicle starting at around twelve and an a half grand and ranging up to around the region of twenty five thousand pounds. 

Ultimately these can be anything up to a 50 percent reduction when compared to the previous spec of vehicles.

For further details please contact one of our helpful sales team or leave your details via the website enquiry page where we will be happy to discuss your personal requirements further.

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